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Support for KCDS

Kingsbury Country Day School strives to provide an excellent education to every child who enters our doors. The school has operated for 65 years on the support of our generous families and community members. As we continue down the path of being a public school, it is more important than ever that we still receive your support.

Every year the school receives, $7,500 in state aid for each student enrolled. Reports show that state spending varies and the amount that our school receives falls well short of the average.* Some districts receive over $12,000 in funding from the state and local sources. As a charter school, Kingsbury does not have the tax support that other districts receive. This is precisely why the Kingsbury Annual Fund exists – to ensure that we can continue to deliver a Kingsbury education to your child.

Donations to our annual fund can be sent to:

Kingsbury School, Inc

5000 Hosner

Oxford, MI 48370

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