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Faculty & Staff

Middle School Faculty

Leslie Ellis

Middle School Science

Middle School Team Leader
Middle School Math





Cassandra Koontz

Middle School English Language Arts

  • B.S. Elementary Education, Baker College
  • Certified in Language Arts






Jill Lauwers

Middle School Math






Jennifer Suder

Middle School Social Studies






Elementary School Faculty

Courtney Selby

4th Grade

B.S. in Elementary Education Central Michigan University
Major: Integrated Science
Minor: Language Arts






Lorraine Fite

3rd Grade

  • B.A. Elementary Education, University of Michigan
  • 8 Years Teaching Experience 






Stacie Ropes

3rd Grade

  • B.S. Elementary Education, Oakland University
  • Major in Language Arts





Katherine Ligon

2nd Grade

  • B.S. Elementary Education






Devin Mulville

2nd Grade and Elementary RTI Coordinator

  • B.A. Elementary Education, Michigan State University
  • Teaching Minors in Math & Geography
  • Masters Candidate in Reading Specialist, Michigan State University
  • CPR & First Aid certified
  • Level III PYP Certification "Transdisciplinary Learning"




Anna DiMaggio

1st Grade

B.A. from Oakland University College of Education
Certified in early childhood





Elizabeth Prawdzik

1st Grade

Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University
Early Childhood Endorsement from Central Michigan University and  Michigan State University
CPR and First Aid Trained
Epi Pen Training
CPI (Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention) training
PYP Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Training
30 years of teaching experience







Dee Dee Heberling


MA Early Childhood Education, University of Michigan at Flint
BS in Education from Appalachian State University in North Carolina
Early Childhood, Language Arts and Social Studies Endorsements
First Aid and CPR Certified
11 Years of Teaching Experience

Rose Ferrett


B.S. Elementary Education, Saginaw Valley State University
Minors in English and Science
Early Childhood Education Certification
CPR and First AID Certified
AED Certified

All-school Learning Specialists

Lu Pickett

Visual Arts







Alvaro Sandoval

4th-8th Spanish

Hope College - Holland, MI / Grand Valley State University - Grand Rapids, MI
BA - Spanish

Science Composite Minor




Helen Clawson

K-3rd Spanish


David Scovic

Technology, Coach

  • B.A., DePauw University
  • Level I Certification IB Primary Years Programme
  • First Aid & AED Certified





Chris Smith

Performing Arts







Krislene Kemp

Personal Social Physical Education
B.S. Secondary Education, Central Michigan University 
Major: Physical Education
Minors: Biology, Leadership and Health Endorsement
CPR and First AID Certified
AED Certified


Brit Austin

Speech & Language Pathologist

Randy McElfresh

Social Work

Master's of Social Work (MSW) - Wayne State University
Limited License Master Social Worker
Focus in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Angela Asperger

Occupational Therapist

Mark Fleming

K-8th - ESP

Environmental Science and Public PolicyMichigan State University


Administration and Support Staff

Andrea Bristol

Interim Head of School

  • B.S., Elementary Education and Spanish, Grand Valley State University
  • Masters Degree of Education in Educational Studies, Oakland University
  • Level I Certification IB Primary Years Programme
  • Level III PYP Certification "Reading and Writing Through Inquiry"
  • Level III PYP Certification "Common Core and the IB"
  • First Aid & AED Certified


Audrey Smith-Dibble

Director of Enrollment











Tom Mecsey

Interim Dean of Students

Masters Degree from Wayne State University, Detroit

35 years as a teacher, athletic administrator and headmaster/principal

Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA)

Member of: Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, and Rotary International (Lake Orion)

Certified in CPR, First Aid, AED, EpiPen, Crisis Prevention Intervention

 "Throughout my professional career as a teacher school administrator, I have had the privilege of working alongside children with extraordinary talents and promise. As the Head of School at Kingsbury Country Day School, I have the honor to watch children from five to fifteen face both personal and academic challenges, and emerge victorious through clever problem-solving, courage and resolve. Kingsbury offers a safe and supportive learning environment. A student-inquiry approach provides a framework where the student is the master of his or her learning. Highly-skilled teachers serve as guides and facilitators for students in this process, and a challenging curriculum provides the path to student achievement.

"Academic achievement is not the only measure of student success, however.  At our school, we hold our students to a standard that we define as the "Kingsbury Kid". A Kingsbury Kid:

  • is a thinker, communicator, risk-taker, inquirers, problem-solver,  
  • is principled, open-minded, balanced, reflective and caring
  • understands the power of community service, as well as his and her responsibility to serve as stewards of their environment
  • cares for and is supportive of other students across all grade levels
  • know that they can be adventurous, muddy and explorers while still being respectful, responsible and safe
  • is engaged, confident, a self-starter and has a passion for discovery
  • is observant and aware of those around them, includes others in their activities and is cognizant of when someone needs their help
  • realizes that what they do at school empowers them as citizens of the world, and they have the courage to take action

"Is it any wonder that I love my job as much as I do?  Everyday, I am surrounded by Kingsbury Kids, and they remind me how fortunate I am to be a part of the Kingsbury Way."

Sue Mallard

Office Manager

Mike Hendrick


Donna Van Doorne

Hosner Campus Office Personnel











Kathie Miller

Bus Driver







Debbie Broecker

Bus Driver

Lisa Kratt

Bus Driver